Frequently Asked Questions

Kratom Payment Methods

What forms of payment does Enhanciosa accept?


  • Money Order / Check by mail
  1. Place the order and select the pay via Money Order / Check by mail option.
  2. You’ll get an order number, total due, business name to make the money order out to, as well as mailing address.
  3. Please include the order number on the money order / check memo line.
  4. Upon receipt of checks and / or money order, we will ship the same day.
  • Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies – We recommend
  1. Place your order and select pay via bitcoin / crypto.
  2. You’ll get an order number, total due in bitcoin, and a bitcoin address.
  3. When you buy your bitcoin at or or any other bitcoin site, you can specify the recipient address as the one provided to you at checkout.
  4. Copy and paste that address when you buy your bitcoin, or withdraw / transfer it from your bitcoin wallet’s console.
  5. We’ll get a notification, and get that shipped and email you a tracking number.


  • Zelle – Zelle is a free utility provided by most domestic banks that permits sending money between people or businesses.  Here’s a link to the partner companies so you can see if this is an option that would work for us:  – As always, put the order # in the memo only.


  • CashApp – Cashapp facilitates instant transfers of funds from one recipient to another.  Place the order via the website, and choose the option that lists Cashapp, and the final instructions will be provided.  As always, put the order # in the memo only.


  • Other forms of paymentPlease email us for questions regarding alternative payment options.


  • Bank Wire – Recommended for larger purchases.  Please contact us for information.


Does Enhanciosa have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Yes, we’re happy to offer a seven day satisfaction guarantee on all orders that include a bag of 250 grams or larger.  In the event one of our customers is not satisfied with the way the product they received performs, we’re happy to swap what you received out for an alternative.  Please note, this is offer is extended, and exclusive to one 250+ gram bag (500g, and 1000g bags are applicable too), per order.  This is not valid passed seven days of the date of delivery, per the tracking #.

Does Enhanciosa test it’s kratom powder?

No, we do not test any of the product we sell. As a bulk botanical wholesaler, we focus on providing premium grade kratom leaf at a very competitive price. It’s sold as such, a botanical specimen, with no intended use or purpose. Further, testing is cost prohibitive at the price point which we sell our products. We always recommend individuals take any precautions they feel necessary, including buying products that are tested, or paying for the testing at a food lab themselves. To reiterate, testing is a nice feature, and something other vendors offer. But it’s quite expensive, and not a feature we feel we could implement without drastically changing our business model to do it right. It’s a topic we’ll be addressing internally in the 3rd fiscal quarter of 2020, and will update the FAQ with any relevant information at that time.

Resale Program

Does Enhanciosa have an affiliate program?

An Affiliate Program is currently being worked on, and will be introduced in the near future.


How do I purchase USPS Express shipping for my Enhanciosa order?

Enhanciosa provides USPS Express shipping on the following increments of kratom leaf powder: 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1000 grams.  The items are listed here:

How long does shipping take for my Enhanciosa order?


Packages depart the day after payment is made, excluding weekends.

Typically, USPS shipments are expected to arrive in the following time frame:

First Class: 1-5 business days depending on proximity to the 78745 zip code.

Priority: 1-3 business days depending on proximity to the 78745 zip code.

Express: 1-2 business days (one day if the destination is urban, two is often required if the destination is rural), and contingent on proximity to the 78745 zip code.

How much can I fit in an USPS Express flat rate padded envelope?


Enhanciosa is able to accommodate sending individual kilograms via USPS Express, as we use Express Flat Rate Padded Envelopes exclusively.  These can fit up to roughly 1250 grams.  To that end, if one were to order a kilogram of kratom powder shipped via USPS Express, and 250 grams, or a sampler (for example), we would ship the order in it’s entirety via USPS Express.   We will jam as much product as we can into the USPS Express padded envelope if it means we can get more of the order to our customer in the shortest time frame permissible.

How much does shipping cost for my Enhanciosa order?

It costs zero additional dollars.  Shipping for Enhanciosa orders is included in the cost of the product, and so is shipped based on the price specified.

Orders under 500 grams are shipped USPS First Class.

Orders over 500 grams are shipped via USPS Priority.

If USPS Express is required as a shipping option, please select the item from the list of of Express shipping options.

Is Enhanciosa’s shipping discrete?

Yes, packages purchased, and shipped via Enhanciosa are sent in \ non-descript manila padded envelopes, or USPS brand packaging.  The shipping entity specifies the owner, Joel Hughes’ information, rather than name of the company.  This assists in anonymizing the package.

Is there a tracking number with my order?


Yes, each Enhanciosa order has a USPS tracking number.  The tracking number is emailed when the postage is paid / shipping label is printed.  Sometimes the tracking # email can end up in the spam folder.

What mail carrier is used to ship my order?


Enhanciosa uses USPS exclusively as their shipping solution.

Where does Enhanciosa ship from?

Enhanciosa is located in Austin, Texas, and ships from the 78745 zip code.

Wholesale Kratom

Does Enhanciosa have a Wholesale Kratom Program?

Currently, the Enhanciosa team is in the process of launching a wholesale company, aptly called, Wholesale Kratom.  We expect to be live within a couple weeks, and will offer more details at that time.  Thanks for your patience.