Sulawesi Blend Kratom Leaf Powder


The Sulawesi Blend variety of kratom is a under picked great – doesn’t get enough exposure for the quality it continues to present. For those looking for options to fill up their sampler with, we think this one would be a swell choice.



Sulawesi is a large island East of the main Borneo island of Indonesia.  From a mountainous center, radiates several long peninsulas.  Known for it’s epic snorkeling and diving, it’s home to several Indonesian National parks, host to beautiful coral reefs, and appropriate for such water born activities.

We source one variety of Sulawesi kratom, a blend of each of the major vein colors, which results in a full spectrum blend of Sulawesi – the Sulawesi full spectrum blend makes for a warm, and meaningful experience, with no sacrifice on quality.

This Sulawesi Blend Kratom botanical specimen has been wild harvested to the island East of the island of Sulawesi.

Guaranteed fresh, organic, and always chemical free, Enhanciosa’s leaf is harvested ethically from small batch purveyors of the finest M. Speciosa that we’ve personally been able to procure on a reliable basis from within the greater region composed of the expansive, and beautiful – South East Asian archipelago.

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