Green Vein Maeng Da Kratom Leaf Powder

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Green Maeng Da is one of the staple strains of kratom, one of the holy trinity, composed of red, white and green.  Green tends to be the most popular choice among our customer base.   We believe this is an exceptional quality botanical specimen of the mitragyna speciosa family of plants.



Green Maeng Da is a classic kratom strain, one that most people are familiar with, and is a staple of the primary three, Red, White and Green.   Sourced from Borneo, the Green Maeng Da is a variety that doesn’t specify a geolocale within the larger Borneo island, but is a premium grade specimen, no less.

This Green Maeng Da botanical specimen has been wild harvested from the island of Borneo, from the river banks, and old growth rain forests that litter the South East Asian rain forest archipelago. Guaranteed fresh, organic, and always chemical free, Enhanciosa’s leaf is harvested ethically from small batch purveyors of the finest M. Speciosa that we’ve personally been able to procure on a reliable basis from within the greater region composed of the expansive, and beautiful – South East Asian archipelago.

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2 reviews for Green Vein Maeng Da Kratom Leaf Powder

  1. Joseph B

    This strain lives up to its description. It definitely has good potency. It also is nice and stimulating with great pain relief to go with it. The stimulant effects are not like traditional stimulants but a natural feeling, clean mood lift and increase in motivation. The pain relief alone is enough to make me feel ready to start my day on a good note, but with the added energy I feel ready for anything and excited to tackle my tasks. Definitely worth the cut rate you pay buying a kilo that lets you pay 9cents a gram.??

  2. Lewis

    Best Green Maeng Da I’ve purchased in years, by far. It used to be they were all mostly one thing, but there’s been a proliferation of “MD” that isn’t really much like MD at all. I’m extremely picky when it comes to strains, and this one works for me on all levels. Enhanciosa has great pricing and ships fast.

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