Green Vein Medan Kratom Leaf Powder


Green Medan is a robust green and an exceptional botanical specimen on the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, sourced from the Medan area on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.



Medan is the capital of the Indonesian province called Northern Sumatran.  Medan is subdivided into 21 districts.  Like other regions, large fresh water rivers are within close proximity of Medan, Deli River and Babura River.  Much of the kratom we get is wild harvested from river banks, Hulu Kapuas is one good example.  The Medan kratom is wild harvested from within the districts surrounding the metropolis, and along the river banks of both the aforementioned rivers.

This Green Medan botanical specimen has been wild harvested from the island of Sumatra, to the West of Borneo. Again, from the river banks, and old growth rain forests that litter the South East Asian rain forest archipelago we guarantee fresh, organic, and always chemical free leaf – Enhanciosa’s product is harvested ethically from small batch purveyors of the finest M. Speciosa that we’ve personally been able to procure on a reliable basis from within the greater region composed of the expansive, and beautiful – South East Asian archipelago.

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