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Green Vein Bali is an even tempoe’d, and subtle, but observable, no less, kratom strain that we find a great choice for all seasons or scenarios.  The Green Bali continues to be one of the most popular green kratom powder choices.  Perhaps, due in part to the name recognition, but certainly, the kratom stands on it’s own two feet, and is worth a try.  As they say, don’t knock it ’til you try it.



Bali is a relatively small island within the larger Indonesian archipelago, but it’s kratom is among the most popular.  Perhaps, due to long term tenure as a tourist destination for the West, most of us are familiar with it, but perhaps mostly in our mind’s eye as a tropical island paradise.  In so far as a Corona or Modelo, or any other of a list of Mexican beers has the power to teleport us to a beach in Mexico, then Bali strains have the power to teleport us to the same care-free exotic island life we imagine, if only for a while.  Regardless, of my or anyone else’s pre-conceived notions about the island of Bali, one thing is certain – it’s kratom is fire.

Although the Province of Bali is a small island when compared to the rest of Indonesia, it’s the country’s most popular tourist destination presently.  Prior to becoming a tourist hot spot for Western travelers, it was home to a succession of Hindu societies.  It’s first introduction to Europeans was around the 16th century, when, like many of these Indonesian islands, were explored by the Dutch East India Company ultimately resulting in control of almost the entire Indonesian archipelago by the early 1920s.

Over the course of millennia, the Balinese culture has seen a variety of civilizations at it’s helm, an amalgamation of Hindu, Chinese, and Indian cultures.  In addition to having a vibrant culture reflective of it’s history, the ecology is also a cornucopia of flora and fauna and a wide diversity of wildlife, certainly what someone from the West might consider exotic.  And somewhere between the bamboo and banyan trees, the monkey, the leopard and the Bali Tiger – there are a plethora of beautiful wild mitragyna speciosa trees burgeonging from the sweet humid air from the Bali Sea to the North.

Green Bali is complex, like the Balinese culture, but it has a smooth finish, a nice delivery and a pleasant after taste to carry anyone through a hard day’s work, or a full nights sleep.  This one is always a fine specimen.

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  1. Jeff Buckley

    My favorite strain so far, from my favorite vendor.

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