Red Vein Malaysian Kratom Leaf Powder

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Malaysian Kratom is sourced from the Northern side of the Borneo island, as it’s shared between three countries, Indonesia (who control Borneo), Malaysia, and the tiny country of Brunei. As it stands, because Indonesia shared a border with Malaysia, sourcing Malaysian leaf is easier than one might imagine.



The primary source of kratom that hits the US market comes from the South East Asian island of Borneo.  The Borneo island is subdivided into three areas controlled by three sovereign countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei.  The Northern end of the Borneo island, known as Sarawak, stretches along the islands North West coast.  Known for it’s rugged and dense rain forest that team with life, it’s also home to, and source of the Malay kratom that hits the US market.  Because the vast majority of kratom is exported out of the Indonesian part of Borneo, a city in West Kalimantan called Pontianiak, the leaf is wild harvested along the Indonesian / Malaysian border, cured or dried in the jungle, and makes it’s way and is exported out of Pontianiak through Jakarta before it hits mainland USA.

Red Vein Malaysian Kratom, or Red Vein Malay, or Red Malay, as it were – performs like the vast majority of reds, full of feeling, and calmness, it’s reminiscent of a warm red blanket, or, in other words, couch lock.  Optimal for downtime, and inactivity, stormy nights, or scary movies (if you don’t fall asleep) – the Red Vein Malay is certainly a quality variety of kratom.

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  1. Johnny3dd

    Red Malay, Wow Very Nice!! Going into my top 3 red rotation. This Red Malay is a nice smooth burn, great end of the day strain. Melts away any and all stress of the day. Love it! Joel has the best product I’ve ever seen from anyone, and I’ve tired them all.

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