Split Kilogram Kratom Leaf Powder

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For those looking to add a bit more bulk to their buy, but still would like an assortment of kratom specimens to enjoy, we recommend the kilogram split.  This item can be composed of two 500 gram choices, or four 250 gram choices.  If you prefer we taste make for you, just leave the order notes blank during checkout, and we’ll take care of selecting from the current assortment available.



Choose from the following strains when placing your selection into the order notes.

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12 reviews for Split Kilogram Kratom Leaf Powder

  1. Joseph B

    Enhanciosa is the best. So nice to be able to buy a kilo at this great price and be able to try 4 different kinds. All of them are of great quality. Thanks Joel.

  2. Joseph B

    Another great order and lightning fast delivery. Have bought 9 different kinds of Kratom from enhanciosa and they are all great!

  3. Johnny D

    I’ve got 3 kilos in the last 2 months and tried 12 different strains and they were fresh, very clean great products, all are great!! Joel is super helpful and highly knowledgeable in Kratom very happy I found him. Thanks man your the best there is.

  4. mcknightjarad

    Ordered for the first time Friday evening. The order was processed and shipped out very quickly. Came a day earlier than expected. This guy has always responded to every email I’ve sent very fast. He’s a very nice guy and is always as helpful as he can be. I ordered a split kilo and my God was it fresh, decently potent and extremely cheap. I’m so glad I found this guy, I was getting very tired of overpaying for this stuff. This is my kratom home now. Thank you so much. You’re the man!

  5. Brian Russell

    What a great deal! First time I have ordered and a great product! Thanks for helping! Greatly appreciated! I would highly recommend!

  6. Austin G

    Enhanciosa is my go to for kratom, only the freshest and cleanest leaf powder every single time. I had other vendors but they’re useless to me now, thanks a lot to Joel! The 4x or 2x split kilo PLUS shipping for only $88?! That’s an insane deal, the price of the powder alone at that price level for the level of clean, pure fresh leaf.. it’s something rarely seen in my experience. Cheapness in dollars doesn’t have to equal to cheapness in quality for once! Thank you Joel!

  7. Brian R

    Gold Bali is my favorite so far, superb mood boost and pain relief. I am a kratom veteran and I am so glad I found this company. Thanks so much!

  8. PhosH

    By far the best company I’ve ever ordered this product from. Incredibly reasonable prices, fast shipping, always consistent, always reliable. You guys are number 1!
    Much love,
    Hannah G

  9. Jntum

    Amazing price with great products! Fast shipping as well. Awesome guy, without him I’d be in a world of hurt.

  10. Benjamin K

    Enhanciosa is just an excellent site with excellent products at an excellent price. I’ve been taking kratom regularly since 2014 with only a 1.5 year break in there. The only vendor I’ve gotten a better product from charges 200 for a kilo (the standard has always been 150) and they went private a year ago so this is by far the best clearnet vendor for quality and by far the best vendor period for price. $88 for a kilo is insane. And I’ve tried a ton of strains by this point via 4 way split kilos and they’ve all been excellent. An incredible deal for an incredible product from someone clearly passionate about his work.

  11. Awmurph

    Joel u are AWESOME. we r so happy we found u,. Kratom is really good… shipping is really fast. we r very pleased. thank u Joel. we like ur integrity. we’ll be ordering 2x a month.

  12. lon

    Fast shipping, excellent customer service. It’s helping my pain, TYsm <3 . At a great price, too.

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