White Bentuangie Kratom Leaf Powder


White Bentuangie is a specimen of mitragyna speciosa leaf powder that is cured in a manner that oxidizes the leaf such that it’s pigment augments from the green leaf it is in it’s original state to something that is far more red in pigment.



Originally, vendors were only able to procure red vein bentuangies.  Over the course of time, the Indonesian kratom production mechanism started to produce variants of bentuangies that were of the other vein colors, Green and white.

Bentuangie is a term associated with a unique curing process when the leaf is dried, sometimes referred to as fermenting, but I’m not sure how accurate that term is, it could be a loose mistranslation – I prefer to use the term ‘cure’ when it comes down to it.  Finding accurate information that properly discerns the true nature of the bentuangie process is difficult, nevertheless, it’s a variety wildly available now, and fairly popular.

As this is a white variant, it’s a bit faster, but more mellow than some of the more popular main stream whites, like White Maeng Da, or White MD Jongkong.

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