White Maeng Da Jongkong Kratom Leaf Powder

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Jongkong sourced kratom is a popular variety of the mitragyna speciosa specimens we carry.  Geographically, it’s within the larger regency of Hulu Kapuas, and is a smaller area, but a very popular area to harvest premium grade kratom leaf powder.



This White Maeng Da Jongkong botanical specimen has been wild harvested from the island of Borneo, from the river banks, and old growth rain forests that litter the South East Asian rain forest archipelago. Guaranteed fresh, organic, and always chemical free, Enhanciosa’s leaf is harvested ethically from small batch purveyors of the finest M. Speciosa that we’ve personally been able to procure on a reliable basis from within the greater region composed of the expansive, and beautiful – South East Asian archipelago.

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19 reviews for White Maeng Da Jongkong Kratom Leaf Powder

  1. pkarlisc

    Amazing strain. Feels like the first time.

  2. caseyb

    The best strain I have ever received. Always high quality and fresh. Powerful effects that last several hours. Repeated use does not diminish effects, but be careful this strain is on another level.

  3. urei666

    Best strain I’ve had in quite a while. And as always great customer service.

  4. kingdomofkush81

    Very happy with my first order. This wmdjk is the best white I’ve had in over a year. Very clean and long lasting aroma. Highly recommended for anyone that loves white strains. My order was processed within one day and was delivered three days later. I will be using enhanciosa from here on out provided the quality remains at or near this level. Thanks Joel!

  5. bseaw

    Wow…best product I’ve had in a long time. Awesome energizing and mood-lifting benefits, and I slept like a rock at night later. Will be back for more.
    PS: Joel is a top-notch guy, responding promptly to every query I had. And when a minor shipping glitch did happen, he addressed it immediately and made sure I was taken care of and then some. Will refer this vendor to others seeking top-level quality and dedicated customer service.

  6. s.b.barboza

    From service to the product-5 stars! Drinking my tea as I write!

  7. Sarah Rodriguez

    This is my new favorite strain although I always like to switch it up so I don’t get immune to it. The effects last hours and my tolerance is high so this says a lot about this strain.

  8. Flow1180

    Great customer service. Wow!! Is all I got to say WDMJK I the best white I’ve ever tried. The Quality of the product is just amazing. Love taking it in the AM gets me pain relief and ready to go for hours…

  9. Joseph B

    This is the best White I have had! I get great stimulation from it and it’s pretty potent. Definitely will purchase this one again.

  10. dani

    Definitely my new favorite strain. This is my second time ordering this one, and I will continue. My work days just seem to go smoother when I use this one. I’m less stressed, more focused, everything is just good.
    Love this company, I’ve told several people about it.

  11. Brandon

    Joel has proven this product to be top shelf , im blown away by the clean energy , moodlif and the pain relief from this WMDJK!!!! This is the white that sold me on Enhanciosa, and I’m usually a green guy but this feels like a super charged green that has very long legs, the majority of my doses has 1/2-1/3 wmdjk added which always makes a excellent blend even when what I’m blending it with is nothing special , this makes all my blends special, by far hands down my all time favorite white and in my top 3 favorite strains ever in the two years I’ve known Kratom, and this by the way is very potent and can take 1/3-1/2 less of your normal dose !!! Joel … thank you, you have my appreciation and gratitude ?
    Free shipping , awesome product , great customer service …. I’m sold !!!!!

    Who ever reads my review, do yourself a favor and try this strain, you deserve to know this kind of quality ???

    Keep up the good form Joel, and know you have a friend out in California

  12. 013standard

    This strain is the best white vein I’ve had.
    The quality is consistently excellent and dealing with Joel has been a pleasure on every occasion.
    10/10 for quality and the company:)

  13. Dorothy C

    this was my first order from here and i have to say im impressed with quality considering the price. the white mdjk reminds me a lot of white borneo except duration is waaaay longer. thank you for an outstanding product.

  14. Denise T

    The quality of this MDJK is exceptional. Don’t be fooled by the low price.

  15. Seth B

    This is by far the best kratom vendor I have ever experienced. I’ve tried them ALL! This strain in particular has been the best. Even on 1-3 hours of sleep nightly due to Combat PTSD this allows me to go on with my day with energy that comes on STRONG! I’ve never left a review even on kratom I’ve had even when it’s been amazing, but Joel has outdone himself. He always hooks the order up as well!! This guy is truly a blessing to veterans!

  16. Eric S

    A really high quality strain. It gives the mood boost, euphoria, and pain relief that I love so much. Many people say you should rotate strains as a way to keep tolerance in check. So definitely make this half of whatever you purchase. You will not be disappointed! Just ordered more. 🙂

  17. tonyo

    This one outstanding strain! Just received my order last week and all I can say is WOW! Euphoria, mood lift, focus, and energy all a 10 out of 10. I was running around like a mad man at work yesterday in a good way getting things done. Super productive strain. I would recommend to anyone who is on the fence. You will not be disappointed.

  18. jsc

    I like this one. Actually feels more chill and relaxing to me, like a red.

  19. ril

    I have to agree with another reviewer, this was my first order with Enhanciosa and I have to tell you Joel’s customer service and shipping speed are forever a 20 out of 10, and his product is some of the best available, it is very fresh. I will be ordering more of there products very soon.

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