White Vein Thai Kratom Leaf Powder


White Vein Thai Kratom tends to feel more like a green than a typical stimulating and fast white vein, but perhaps that’s why it’s nice – it has some of the features of a proper and strong white vein, but they are muted, and diffused a bit so it’s not quite as racey as a regular white vein might be.



This one has always been a mystery too me, although my supplier does typically Thai sourced kratom, and so, I continue to order it.  But the question remains, how does Thai sourced kratom get to Borneo?  I don’t rightly know, and I stopped questioning quite a while ago.

White Vein Thai Kratom stands out as an aytpical white vein, as it’s more akin to what is expected with a green vein effect.  Granted, it does certainly have a stimulating burn, but it’s not what I would consider ‘fast’.   That said, if the tea drinker is looking for a slower tempo white vein leaf, then the White Vein Thai would be a suitable fit.

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