Is Kratom Legal in Beaumont, Texas?

Yes, Kratom is legal in Beaumont, Texas.

Beaumont, situated on the Eastern edge of the State of Texas borders Louisiana. The population of Beaumont is over 100,000 making it a city of size enough to warrant noting the legal status of kratom within it. Fortunately, the legislators of Texas appear to be level headed enough to undertand that kratom is providing people with an opportunity to rebuild, often hard wrought and narcotic wrecked lives. And with the ongoing pressure communities feel due to the cheap influx of Mexican black tar heroin, coupled with the torrent of Chinese fentanyl flooding the country, it’s often hard to see clearly But based on the lack of reactivity, we are going to assume that Texas has more common sense, than say, Alabama. It doesn’t take very much research to see the sheer amount of people suggesting kratom has helped improve their quality of life. And yet, Beaumont, and the East Texas community drug risk assessment civic employee has deemed kratom worth noting as potentially risky.

That said, presently, the largest problems Beaumont is facing, in terms of drugs, is certainly meth and heroin being imported by the Mexican cartels. As with other regions in Texas, while kratom is legal both in the city of Beaumont, as well as the surrounding areas, it’s worth reviewing your employee drug testing protocol as to not fail a drug test of one of the large Beaumont employers as listed below.

Conn’s Appliances Inc
Memorial Herman Baptist Hospital
Beaumont Independent School DistrictCity of Beaumont
ExxonMobil CorporationJefferson County
ENGlobal CorporationLamar University
Christus St. Elizabeth HospitalRichard Design Services, Inc.

As with other cities in Texas, kratom is legal presently, and it’s good to keep up to date with it’s ongoing legal status, particularly an individual travels alot, of finds themselves moving, this website serves as a portal to garner relevant information regarding kratom current events, the legal status of mitragyna speciosa at a local and regional level straight through to State, and Federal. Our goal is to maintain a helpful and up to date single repository of information related to kratom, and it’s place in the ongoing and shifting global paradigm.

In the event one finds themselves traveling through Texas, it’s helpful to be appraised of the legal status of kratom in Texas, and it’s various communities, and cities.

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