Is Kratom Legal in San Antonio, Texas?

Yes, Kratom is legal in San Antonio, Texas.

So if you were wondering, ‘Is Kratom legal where I live?’ – Yes, to date, there has never been a proposed ordinance in the city of San Antonio’s history that recommends banning, criminalizing, regulating, or otherwise limiting access to kratom, or mitragyna speciosa.

Presently, kratom can be purchased at any number of local retail establishments in and around the San Antonio area. Whether it’s a head shop, or a smoke shop, gas station, vape shop, or online vendor based in the San Antonio area, kratom is absolutely legal and so it can be purchased, sold, and possessed legally anywhere inside of the city limits, and the surrounding communities and suburbs.

Like other cities in Texas, San Antonio continues to take a back seat with regard to kratom law, to which we applaud, as marginalizing access to a benign plant that people to mitigate aches and pains would decrease adults quality of life, who rightfully ought to have the choice to treat their pain, as they wish, particularly when it comes in the form of a crushed, unadulterated, organic, and sustainable leaf.

All surrounding communities of the San Antonio area are also permissible to have, hold, sell, and buy kratom. This includes but is not limited to the list of communities in the San Antonio vicinity below.

San AntonioNew BraunfelsSchertzSeguin
CiboloBoerneCanyon LakeConverse
Leon ValleyLive OakPleasatonSelma
Timberwood ParkUniversal CityAlamo HeightsFair Oaks Ranch
Lackland AFBLakehillsTerrell HillsWindcrest

Likewise, if you happen to be traveling to San Antonio for vacation, business, or to see your child whose attending University, don’t forget to checkout the Alamo! Further, if anyone happens to be attending higher education in the Greater San Antonio Area, it’s worth noting that the university’s and colleges listed below are totally okay and legal to have possess and carry kratom on.

Our Lady of the LakeSt Mary’s UniversityTrinity University
Incarnate WordAlamo CollegesKoehler Cultral Center
University of Texas – SA Northwest Vista CollegeCareer Point College
Palo Alto CollegeSan Antonio CollegeAce Start Model of Knowledge

As you go through the process of making your first kratom purchase, we encourage everyone to do extensive research prior to making your purchase. We’ve created a helpful place to get started for folks that might be wondering ‘what I need to know before buying kratom.’

And if you’re wondering about the legal status of kratom in Texas cities besides San Antonio, we recommend using the link above, and that’ll provide you with the kratom legal information for each city in Texas.