Is Kratom Legal in the State of Texas?

Yes, Kratom is legal everywhere in the State of Texas.

To date, no legislation has been proposed to regulate kratom, mitragyna speciosa, in either the state, nor in local municipalities of Texas.

The Texas and Mexico border continues to be one of the ways the Mexican drug cartels traffic Sinoaloan grown black tar heroin across the border an into the surrounding communities, and in turn re-routed across the country. We can only hope interdicting substances like heroin, fentanyl, and methamphetamine will be the priority, rather than padding their numbers with arrests over victim less crimes like marijuana possession.

Texas is composed of several large metropolitan areas: Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. Within all of these metropolis’s kratom, mitragynine speciosa, is legal in each, and so can be purchased, possessed and sold legally anywhere as well. As kratom begins to gain larger exposure in the communities at large, it’s expected to see some degree of push back. Hopefully, given Texas rather hand’s off ethic, we can expect the same with regard to how kratom is regulated.

Kratom Legal Status in Texas?Yes/NoWhere to buy kratom in Texas?
Is Kratom Legal in Houston? Yes Where can I buy Kratom in Houston?
Is Kratom Legal in San Antonio?YesWhere can I buy Kratom in San Antonio?
Is Kratom Legal in Dallas?YesWhere can I buy Kratom in Dallas?
Is Kratom Legal in Austin?YesWhere can I buy Kratom in Austin?
Is Kratom Legal in Fort Worth?YesWhere can I buy Kratom in Fort Worth?
Is Kratom Legal in Arlington?YesWhere can I buy Kratom in Arlington?
Is Kratom Legal in Corpus Christi?YesWhere can I buy Kratom in Corpus Christi?
Is Kratom Legal in Denton?YesWhere can I buy Kratom in Denton?
Is Kratom Legal in San Marcos?YesWhere can I buy Kratom in College Station
Is Kratom Legal in Galveston?YesWhere can I buy Kratom in Galveston?
Is Kratom Legal in Beaumont? YesWhere can I buy Kratom in Beaumont?

Kratom is legal throughout Texas, and a variety of locations exist to buy the plant, as well as online vendors that are based in Texas that cater to online sales. As interest and demand for the plant has grown, so have the places to purchase it. Additionally, there’s equally more places to buy low quality kratom. With that in mind, we recommend reviewing our article titled, What is Kratom? As well as, What do I Look for When Purchasing Kratom? This will prepare the buyer for an optimal buying experience, so as to avoid purchasing a kratom product that does not perform to the standards expected